New digital look & feel

Website Relaunch for DIE LUCKENWALDER

DIE LUCKENWALDER are re-launching their website with a new look and feel. With a direct integration of their real estate database on the website, users can now easily search for the perfect apartment.

  • MySQL
  • Typescript
  • PHP
  • SCSS
  • Craft CMS
  • ReactJS

Key facts

  • Services
    • Website development
    • Integration of external CRM for real estate
  • Technologies
    • PHP (Craft CMS)
    • Typescript
    • SCSS
    • MySQL
    • ReactJS
  • Client


As a municipal housing company, DIE LUCKENWALDER provides new living space and urban development in Luckenwalde. In addition to the complete redesign of the corporate design by DICREATE, the company also decided to relaunch its website, which we had the pleasure of carrying out in close cooperation with DICREATE over the past few months.

Due to the close cooperation with our client and his design partner agency, we were able to create a customized result together, which meets the expectations to the point.

High Functionality #

The website provides a wide range of functions, starting from the real estate search, which offers complex possibilities for inquiries and filtering, to galleries, sliders and dynamic web elements, which create a lively impression. For example, if visitors want to contact the team quickly and easily, they can always see the Flüsterkasten” (whisper box) in their view, which is available on every page.

Connection to the External Real Estate Platform #

An important feature in the project was the option to search for real estate on the website and access the corresponding data directly from the external real estate management system (IVMPRO). We connected the interface to IVMRPO using a ReactJS component that is built into the website. This now provides the functionality to filter by apartment area, rooms and price directly on the website and to access the matching objects from the database in real time.

If a real estate is selected by the user, the property can be displayed in a separate detail page. For the optimal visualization of these individual pages and the corresponding data, the interface was integrated via a Twig extension (PHP). To ensure that the data from the real estate platform also looks good graphically, we have created a simple and well-arranged solution here — oriented to the new corporate design.

The sensitive use of personal data was particularly important in the project. At the same time, the website should get by without cookie banners or consent banners, if possible. For certain functions that often involve the processing of personal data, we therefore created alternative solutions that provide the function without the use of personal data at all. For example, for user tracking, instead of the widely used Google Analytics, we have opted for the privacy-compliant alternative Plausible​.io, which provides our client with important information about visitors of the site, but does not process personal data and is therefore GDPR-compliant even without the consent of the users. Several other services have also been replaced with GDPR-compliant solutions, which means that cookie banners can be avoided throughout the website.