Who We Are

The bitperfect Team

To develop perfect software, every bit has to be in the right place. Just like in our team, where every member makes bitperfect what it is.

  • Photo of Jürgen
    Jürgen Fitzinger, MSc
    CEO & Co-Founder

    As an experienced web developer, Jürgen is familiar with topics ranging from webshops and content management systems to back-ends, APIs and scalable cloud services. As a full-stack developer, he has come to value the variety of front-end and back-end. This also enables him to optimally combine his passions for good UX and software development.

  • Photo of Martin
    Martin Steinberger, MSc
    CEO & Co-Founder

    In his career as a developer, Martin gained experience in various technologies and languages and brings several years of expertise in the development of native desktop applications as well as in web development to the team. He also has a passion for 3D graphics and creating stunning 3D models and visualizing them on the web.

  • Photo of Joshua
    Joshua Hercher, MSc
    CEO & Co-Founder

    His previous work as a software developer at etm and crate.io gives Joshua broad experience in Industry 4.0. In addition, he discovered his passion for distributed systems and scalable databases in the last few years. Besides these areas of expertise, he pays particular attention to the optimal performance of our products.

  • Photo of Michaela
    DI Michaela Mathis
    UI/UX Designer

    As a UI/UX designer, Michaela is especially dedicated to ensuring that both the visual design and the interactive application of our products are implemented in the best possible way. Usability and the experience from the user's point of view are of great importance to her.

  • Photo of Andreas
    Andreas Amon, MA MSc
    Marketing & Communication

    With several years of experience in marketing and a passion for good communication, Andreas constantly has an eye on our corporate image both online and offline. In addition, he is particularly concerned with topics such as search engine optimization, new trends and the development of new business areas.

From Vienna to Vorarlberg

What makes a team successful, even if geographical distances separate the individual members? To us, the answer is quite simple. You don't have to be in the office together every day to work well with each other. What is essential, however, is the right amount of communication.

Our team is currently based in Vienna and Vorarlberg, which is not a world trip, but it's not a stone's throw either. With our remote-first approach, everyone in our team is oriented towards daily communication in order to be able to work together optimally at any time, despite possible distances. This also offers our employees the greatest possible flexibility to be able to organize their lives according to their needs, regardless of their location.

What We Stand For

  • Direct and
    Transparent Communication

    For us, clear communication is the key to successful projects.

  • Reliable and
    Uncomplicated Partner

    We believe that software projects do not have to be complicated for our customers. As a flexible team, we can react quickly to new requirements.

  • Durable and
    Expandable Software

    We create durable software that can be flexibly expanded at any time based on the requirements of our customers.