Digitization and Automation

Product Configurator for Forbo Linoleum

Before, only orderable through a form, now configurable online. With a new design and intuitive usability, the new B2B online store for Forbo Linoleum has got a modern digital face.

  • PHP
  • Typescript
  • Craft CMS

Key facts

  • Services
    • Custom web design
    • Web development
    • Development of the product configurator
    • Content Management System
  • Technologies
    • PHP (Craft CMS)
    • Typescript
  • Client


About the Project #

Tschabrun is relaunching its Forbo Linoleum product on meinlinoleum​.at with a new, modern design that authentically reflects the product line. 

Forbo Linoleum is a sustainable material that consists of 98 percent natural raw materials such as linseed oil, jute and wood. This makes it an ecological alternative to synthetic floor coverings. 

Until now, the distribution of Forbo Linoleum by Tschabrun Hopferwieser was not available online and could only be ordered by phone or mail — with a modern website and the new product configurator we were able to digitalize and automate this ordering process for our customer Tschabrun.

Usability as a Guiding Principle #

When creating the new design, the focus was not only on a winning visual appearance, but also on the usability concept. The guiding principle was to keep it simple. For the end customers, the operation of the site and the configurator should be as intuitive as possible. Whether they want to buy products or obtain information, they should reach their goal with as few clicks as possible and be guided effortlessly through the site. By making default settings and optimizing the structure of the page, frustration can be minimized and the chances of closing a deal increased. 

But also for our client Tschabrun, the usability of the page in the background should be as intuitive as possible. For this reason we included a content management system based on Craft CMS, which makes it as easy as possible for Tschabrun’s employees to expand the products, change the website content or create new content.

Communication is Key #

Tschabrun was continuously involved directly in the project through weekly status updates and was given the option to follow the progress of the project live on a preview page. This gave our client the opportunity to provide feedback at any time, which we were able to implement directly and quickly in the development process. Through our approach of direct, open communication and the involvement of our clients in the projects, we can make the most of every project.