Custom Software vs. Standard Software

Which Advantages Custom Software Offers

The term custom software can include many things - from program extensions to customized desktop apps to process automation. In this article, we show what custom software is and what advantages it can offer compared to standard software.

What Is Custom Software? #

Custom software is software that is tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of the users. At bitperfect we have specialized in the development of custom software in order to realize the results exactly according to the expectations of our clients.

When Does Custom Software Development Makes Sense? #

Standard software is a good option for many cases. However, standard solutions often do not offer the flexibility that a company wants from them, which can slow down and unnecessarily complicate work processes. Custom software can be used, for example, to develop extensions to existing programs in order to adapt them to the desired requirements. However, a completely tailor-made program can also be written. This can offer many advantages — from process automation to advantages over the competitors. Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages.

What Are the Advantages of Custom Software? #

Automation of Manual Work Steps #

Custom software is often a useful approach to automate repetitive work steps that were previously performed manually. This can also involve very small and inconspicuous work steps, such as transferring data from one Excel list to the next or creating reports. Activities that often consume a lot of working time, but could very easily be automated. Process automation frees up valuable working time for the really important things in a company.

Cost Savings Compared to Standard Software #

In addition to the cost savings through the optimization of processes, custom software can often score with another cost advantage: Although there is an investment at the beginning with the development of the software — in the long term, however, this investment is in many cases cheaper than relying on standard software. This is because, in addition to the sometimes high license fees for standard software that have to be paid periodically, various programs are often needed to cover all requirements. With custom software, several requirements can be covered in one software and expanded as needed.

Extendable #

Custom software, if well designed, can be expanded at any time, providing flexibility for the future. Especially in a world that is constantly changing, the possibility of adaptations and further development is an important resource.

A Step Ahead of the Competition #

If software is developed based on individual requirements, it offers the possibility to break out of the usual patterns of an industry: For example, new innovative functionalities can be integrated and the flexibility towards customers/​partners can be increased. Custom software also offers a high degree of stability, since you are in control of the (further) development and can freely determine the direction in which the software should go.

Standard Software or Custom Software? #

Whether custom software or standard software is the better solution always depends on the current situation and the requirements. After all, many things can be implemented perfectly with standard software. Sometimes, however, it becomes apparent in everyday work that one’s own expectations cannot be met by the standard software and work processes are slowed down or complicated as a result.

Sometimes already simple extensions or automations to existing programs can help. In other cases, completely individual programs may be more suitable to achieve the desired results.

At bitperfect, our goal is to always develop the best solution for our clients. We will be happy to advise you on custom software in a free initial consultation, to find out which solutions are suitable for optimizing your daily workflows and processes. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

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