Content Management Systems

10 Reasons Why We Rely on Craft CMS

Choosing the right content management system is the foundation for a solid web presence. There are many options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. We constantly check out different content management systems, but with Craft CMS we have found our favorite for now. We'll explain here why that is.

1. Fast Development of Tailor-Made Content #

Craft CMS offers us as developers the opportunity to build customized websites quickly and easily. The CMS makes no assumptions about the content — in other words, it doesn’t come with predefined data types and content elements, but instead allows full control over elements and types. This means that we, as developers, don’t have to deal with limitations, but can develop customized content in an optimal way.

2. Full Freedom in the Design of the Template #

The structure and design of a website represent a company to the outside world and should therefore — like other marketing materials — follow the corporate design. This is exactly what Craft allows. Also in terms of template and design, Craft CMS is free of any assumptions and constraints. Additionally, Craft CMS relies on Twig as a powerful templating engine that makes template development a breeze.

3. Great Admin Interface #

In our experience, the administration interface is an exclusion criteria for many — otherwise good — content management systems. The best system is of little value if it comes with an admin interface that no one can find their way around. 

Fortunately, Craft CMS offers quality in this point as well and provides a slim, modern and above all comprehensible admin interface. This makes adding content very easy and almost fun.

4. Content Strictly Separated From Structure #

Unlike many other content management systems, Craft CMS strictly separates structure and content. This means that it’s very simple for us to develop projects locally and then deploy them — even to multiple test or staging environments. This eliminates the need to tediously copy databases back and forth, because page builds are stored in the database. It also eliminates the need to change layouts and data types on the running system. In our point of view, this is one of the most important features for any system that needs to be stable and maintainable and expandable in the long term.

5. Easily Extendable With Modules and Plugins #

Craft CMS is based on the well-known Yii framework. This means absolute freedom and customizability, using standardized modules and plugins. Yii and Craft offer standardized interfaces for customizing and extending the system. This not only makes it easier to develop tailor-made extensions, but also helps to keep modules testable, maintainable and extensible. In addition, modules and plugins can be easily adopted and further developed by other developers.

6. Multilingualism Out of the Box #

Our world is home to many languages, and so is Craft CMS. With Craft, it’s easy to make your website multilingual. Craft CMS provides everything necessary for this directly. Only the translation of the content you still have to do by yourself.

7. Useful and Customizable Dashboard #

Like many other systems, Craft includes an admin dashboard. Unlike other competitors, however, here you have full flexibility and no fundamental assumptions are made. With various widgets, you can easily create a custom dashboard with all the information you require.

8. Multi-Site Out of the Box #

Whether one website or many, Craft CMS also handles multi-site. This allows you to manage all your websites from one and the same admin interface. This way, content can be easily displayed on multiple websites or moved between pages.

9. Regular Updates #

Regular updates keep Craft CMS not only up-to-date, but also secure. Main versions are actively supported and further developed for a minimum of two years and then provided with security updates for at least another year.

10. Built on Proven Technologies #

Craft CMS is built on proven technologies like PHP, Yii, Twig and MySQL or PostgreSQL. These technologies have been tested for years, are known and understood by many developers and therefore form a solid basis for every project. This guarantees not only long-term stability, but also that your project can be taken over and continued by other developers at any time.

Are you interested in an implementation with Craft CMS? We would be happy to create your next website with Craft. Write us for a free initial consultation.