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BellEquip: Maintenance and Further Development

For our partner BellEquip we keep the customized website and the corresponding CMS up to date. In addition to the ongoing renewal of the system, we take care of the optimization for users and for the visibility in search engines.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • Phalcon Framework

Key facts

  • Services
    • Maintenance of the website
    • Maintenance of the customized CMS
    • Further development of the website
    • Development of new features
    • SEO
  • Technologies
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Docker
    • Phalcon Framework
  • Client


The Project #

With a product catalog of more than 6,500 articles from over 85 manufacturers, BellEquip is a leading system provider of infrastructural solutions in the areas of remote service, automation and communication technology. 

Since 2021, we have been taking care of the ongoing support and expansion of BellEquip’s online product catalog together with our partner Flow’s Development Studio. Besides that, we additionally take care of the maintenance and further development of the associated customized CMS, which is specifically tailored to BellEquip’s requirements. 

The website has been constantly expanded since 2013 and has meanwhile become a knowledge database. Customers can find not only information on the products themselves, but also further information, suitable accessories or successor products.

Ongoing Optimization and Expansion #

In order to remain a leading provider of infrastructural solutions, BellEquip focuses on ongoing optimization and expansion of its extensive online product catalog to provide the best possible performance for both its customers and for search engines. 

The challenge in the ongoing optimization lies in the more than 6,500 listed articles and numerous other metadata — here we ensure that an efficient service is guaranteed in the long term and that it is continuously improved. The historically grown system will be renewed step by step and ported into a Phalcon application to remain maintainable and expandable in the future.

BellEquip also places the highest value on visibility and accessibility in search engines. Since our client is a real expert in SEO, the platform must also allow all settings around SEO relevant topics. This ranges from simple information like the page title to complex options for breadcrumbs and canonical links for products that can be found in multiple categories. In this context, BellEquip also places the highest value on fast page load times, which not only contribute to optimized visibility on Google and other search engines but also have a particularly positive influence on the user experience of customers.

Our Services #

We provide BellEquip with the following services for the maintenance and further development of the website: 

  • Maintenance and further development of an existing, individually tailored system.
  • Development of new features 
  • Ensuring data consistency and creating complex database structures for the large data volumes of the extensive online product catalog
  • Further development of a complex and extensive customized CMS
  • Search engine optimization
  • Maintenance of the search term database, which enables very precise control of the search function